Point of sale

Online cash register

The workplace of a cashier who works directly in a browser, as the users are used to this

Quick training

Provecta POS has an intuitively-understandable interface that makes it easy for the staff to be trained and start selling in a few minutes after.

Till slip put on hold

Don’t make people in line to wait too much, put that till slip aside and get back to it later.

Offline work

Any operation is recorded, even if there is no internet connection. Provecta POS synchronizes all till slips when the Internet connection back.

Cashier shift

Cashiers are able to quickly switch over thanks to a short personal PIN code. All sales are recorded on the respective cashier; afterwards it is possible to see the report on each of them.

Product display

Various settings for product display – select the suitable one and start to sell!


Label printer

Print out labels with barcodes directly from the system, by using the device driver and the templates previously designed.

Cash registers

If required, print out the receipts for tax purposes on the cash registers, the list of which continuously increases.

Weighing scales

Create a list of the till slip printing scales in your sales network or shop and upload on it the goods sold by weight.

Pos printers

Print out the till slips, bills, slips and others on thermal stamp printers. Use templates created earlier in the till slip designer.

Customer display

Customers will be glad to see the running and total amount of the till slip as a new product added.

Barcode scanner

Use any barcode scanners to easily search for a product or customer.


Goods organisation

Organize the products per groups, collections, sizes, colors, etc. Add description and pictures.

Product variations

Create various variants for your products, for instance more sizes, colors, materials, etc. each variant may have its own price, barcode, picture and is recorded in the movement separately.

Barcode support

Add a barcode to a product by using a scanner. If the barcode is not indicated, than an internal code shall be created and you will be able to print the label.

Goods imports

Use goods imports to quickly start sales in your company. Product groups, units of measurement, VAT rate shall be created automatically


Use pricelists to specify the price of goods for different points of sale.

Compound products

Create technological maps and write off materials automatically when final products sold or manufactured.

Documentation flow

Income documents

Provecta POS keeps batch records, so that you always know when and at what price the goods arrived and their number available.

Outcome documents

Write off or sell a product by providing an expenditure document, by using specially-designed printable forms.

Transfer stocks

If you have one shop with more warehouses or a chain of shops, use the document Transfer to organize the internal movement of goods.


Carry out the inventory of products remained on any date, in any warehouse and list of products. Please use specially-designed mobile applications to speed up the process of collection of goods.



An interactive monitoring board will allow looking through the sales statistics and the TOP of products sold for a selected period.


It shall provide filtrated information grouped into products, points of sale, and collections on sales for any period.


It shall show the leftover stocks on any date and, if required, it shall show how you can make an order based on the minimal stocks.


A detailed report regarding the movement of goods for a certain period is the best solution to deal with troublesome goods or products that you are interested in.


Print out or export reports in Excel for further use.


Wide options for filtering and grouping data in the reports shall allow you considering any situations. Save the selected filters in the templates for further use.

Discount system


Create your own regular or permanent schemes. Put the scheme on pause and update it, if required


Schemes have wide and continuously increasing range of settings, such as active days, hours, concrete points of sale and criteria to select a product, for example, a 25-per-cent discount to red shoes in weekend.


Import the list of your current customers for a quick start up of sales and for offering discounts in Provecta POS.


Take a look at detailed statistics regarding the general amount of sales, the last till slips, TOP purchased goods per each of your customer.

Sales network


Provecta POS fits as one point of sale and the entire network too. Manage an unlimited number of branch offices and transfer goods between them.


Create a register of equipment with settings already set up and use it in various working scenarios, as a back-office, and when working on cash register.


Take a look at reports on software package for the entire company and for each subdivision, separately.


Delimitate the access rights of employees to concrete branch offices.