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Cash register in browser

ProvectaPOS allows effecting sales easily, regardless the type of operating system you use .

Discount system

A discount system shall allow to set different discount schemes and your customers shall be satisfied with the best price.

Active offline

No till slip can avoid pass the system. The cash register works even if there is no internet connection, ProvectaPOS shall be automatically provided with information regarding your sales, when the internet connection back


Wide and continuously enlarging range of equipment required for the work of a point of sale, such as cash registers, weighing scales, label printers, customer displays, etc..

Online window

Create a functional online shop in a few minutes and manage it in a centralized way.


Full history and detailed information about your customers regardless of the sales channel (cash register or online shop)

Points of sale

Keep an eye on your company’s situation as a whole and at each point of sale separately.


Add, edit or delete goods easily, by activating the image, description in more languages, etc. It’s very easy to add options or to create the compound goods (calculation).

Documentation flow

Receiving and expenditure papers with various types and printable forms of receipt and delivery records shall allow making efficient accounting based on the FIFO System, аs regards to documents, the option Move shall distribute goods between warehouses and points of sale.


Check the leftover stock in full or on selected items at any time. A specially-designed application for terminals to collect data shall help to speed up the counting process .


Create records with different levels of access for your staff and keep records of sales per cashier

Printable forms

Create your own forms by using a simple designer for printable forms for price labels, labels and POS-printers.


Watch the instant information about how business is going at any time, at company level, at a point of sale, at cashiers, including the TOP Sales per product.

Sales reports

Analyze the data on sales to find out how your points of sale and staff work, and to quickly identify any troublesome sectors that may be improved.

Stock control

Receive the report on stock remained for any date, as ProvectaPOSkeeps the records on any transactions for that period to a precision of a second. Find out what is necessary to order based on the minimal stocks.

Export and printing

Print and export your reports in Excel for further use.

Goods flow

A detailed report on the goods flow for a certain period is the best solution to deal with the troublesome products or with products you are interested in.

Templates and filters

Wide options to filter and group data into a report allow considering all situations. Save the selected filters in the templates for further use.

Who can use


Clothing and footwear shop

Various types of products, for instance, more sizes, colors, etc.

Electronic store

A lot of collections, solutions for filtration and product display

Grocery shop

Integration with the weighing scales and any other equipment

Building products store

A mobile application designed for a sales assistant to quickly register an order.

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