Service update in February 2016

Hello friends!
In February and early March, we have focused on settling an important issue: delimitating the staff access rights to our branch offices. This is an ordinary issue that any organization with more branch offices deals with.

For instance, you own more shops or restaurants in different parts of the country or of the world, in Moscow, New-York, Kiev, managers and shop-assistants working in these points of sale should not see other information.

This problem can be solved by introducing a list of branch offices that the user can access. Meaning that if you provide access to a manager from Moscow only to points of sale in Moscow, all reports shall be created automatically within the limits of his/her scope. Such a user cannot by mistake create a document on a different warehouse, find out about sales, etc.

The module «inventory» has been improved, respectively sales considered «in minus», meaning that the product was sold though it was not in stock (this is something usual for trade), shall be included in a separate column and shall be considered as surplus following the inventory. Based on this, it shall be prepared an additional receiving report with the date of the first sale «in minus», in order to adjust the balance on the date of making the inventory. All sales «in minus» shall be related to this new internal document.

There was also added access for cashiers to view shifts in the sales regime. Related to access restriction this shall allow cashiers to view the history of sales in the cash register in whole.

We hope that these additional options will be useful to you. Leave you proposals and recommendations referring to services improvement in comments. We will be glad to analyze them.